Reviewing The Flight Simulator X Gold for PC

A common characteristic among everyone’s opinion is that the game itself is big just a poor performance which has a few frowns.

The actual game itself is amazing. The graphics and details in the real world in the game are amazing and will have even the biggest critics dropping their jaws. This game allows you to fly around the world and the details in each direction are neat in representing every little thing.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

When you fly an airplane you can look down and see people walking around or cars moving, and that is all relevant to what is happening at that moment. For example if you fly through the airport, the person below rushes around with luggage and taxis, where as if you are flying over water you will see people on a boat and water skiing. Details in the game make people feel like they would if they actually flew a plane in the sky.

During the game you must conquer a mission and achieve certain goals. As you do, you get rewards and can even take souvenirs when you go together. There are added to the scenario and even a multiplayer option where you can share the sky with others or serve as a passenger for them or vice versa.

FireBlaze15’s Review of Flight Simulator

You can choose various things such as rainfall, density, turbulence, ice, cloud type, wind, and altitude which give yourself many challenges as you continue through the game.

This game allows you to design flight plans, check weather, complete flight checks, follow air traffic controllers and be assigned new ones as you pass through different areas. The fact that the game allows you to do what a real pilot does is a great experience for gamers.

In free play mode you can fly around the world and visit more than 24,000 airports. While you are flying, you can check what is happening as far as the weather and in general with people who live in various countries. This game is credited for being accurate like that for every detail that can be thought of.

For gamers who find performance too slow to properly manage urges people to buy the Deluxe version that comes with 50 missions. They also said to get multiple processors to deal with frame issues. A standard game will allow you to do more than thirty missions but framing time is too slow for many people.

This game does two things; it provides people with awesome games with amazing details and opportunities, and it also gives headaches as people struggle with performance. It would seem that it is throwing soup between good and evil. Some wait for a better version to come out before they even try the game in fear of major disappointment, while others play it and even with all its flaws. For people like that, they can only see the good and might not be able to wait for the sequel to come out.

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